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【yabo亚搏手机版app】1.4亿打水漂 4100万创奇迹!安帅告别"老好人" 有J罗的埃弗顿到底多恐怖
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Last win in the league


Ten years have passed, and until today, Liverpool's absolute suppression of Merseyside's archenemy has finally seen its end.


In December last year, when Ancelotti decided to take over Everton's "crash", he said it was the club's "long and great history" that attracted him. And even the "Blue Glory" website created specifically for Everton fans admits that this so-called "great history" dates back to the 1960s and 1970s or even the 1920s and 1930s. Most of the simple and honest Fatty An is just polite. .

去年12月,当安切洛蒂决定接管埃弗顿的“崩溃”时,他说正是俱乐部的“悠久而悠久的历史”吸引了他。甚至专门为埃弗顿球迷创建的“ Blue Glory”网站也承认,这种所谓的“伟大历史”可以追溯到1960年代和1970年代,甚至1920年代和1930年代。大多数简单而诚实的Fatty An都是有礼貌的。 。

It is not only Fatty An, but also his players who are polite. This group of "compared to the top and inferior to the bottom" has long adapted to the polite and plain midfield environment of the Premier League: if they play poorly, they will work hard to succeed in relegation; if they play well, they will start health care and then return to the midfield. nearby.


After the 5-2 reversal of West Brom’s game this season, defender Digne said in an interview: "Perhaps last season, we will lose this game, at most a draw."


Then Digne turned around: "


Of course, the aura is empty after all, and the tactical improvement is real. The non-famous YouTube video up host "football made simple" specially posted a video explaining Everton's tactical changes this season.


The left side of the picture above is the main formation of Everton last season. Ancelotti has just taken over the team and changed the team to 442, but this formation has high requirements for the midfielder's double midfielder. At that time, Ancelotti had only Tom Davis and Andre Gomez, who had just recovered from his injury, available. They were lacking in hardness and technical content. Fatty Ann even used the Icelandic squad who was born in the front waist. Desen pulled back to play a cameo, but the effect was also not good. Once ranked in the top eight, the toffee can only be ranked twelfth.

上图的左侧是上赛季埃弗顿的主要阵型。安切洛蒂刚刚接手了球队,并将球队改为442,但是这个阵型对中场的双重中场有很高的要求。那时,安切洛蒂只有刚从伤病中恢复过来的汤姆·戴维斯和安德烈·戈麦斯。他们缺乏硬度和技术含量。 Fatty Ann甚至使用了出生在前腰的冰岛小队。德森拉回去玩客串,但效果也不佳。太妃糖一旦排名前八,就只能排名第十二。

This season, after the introduction of many new aids, Ancelotti decisively changed 433, and there are many changes in this 433. For example, the midfielder Alan often rears, allowing two full-backs to press on, thus actually forming a 343 formation.


Ancelotti also developed tactics based on Ronaldo’s characteristics: "Hames is not a right winger, on the contrary, he has to go to the center." Ronaldo will approach the center and compete with Dukure, Gomez and Lewin. Try more cooperation.


Fatty Ann hasn't even completely given up his previous favorite 442. He often allows Richardson to build in on the offensive end. In fact, he forms a double center configuration with Lewin, playing the ability of left back Digne to upload.

法蒂安(Fatty Ann)甚至还没有完全放弃他以前喜欢的442。他经常允许理查森(Richardson)在进攻端继续前进。实际上,他与Lewin组成了双中锋配置,发挥了左后卫Digne上载的能力。

Digne was also full of praise for this tactic: "


Digne also brought the good momentum in the club to the national team: in the UEFA Europa League group stage where France defeated Croatia 2-1, Digne defeated Bayern’s Lucas as the starting left-back, and also paid for playing at Real Madrid. Ran Mendy squeezed to play right back. In the game, Digne sent an assist, and Lucas, who became a substitute at Bayern, could only get a chance to play after Digne left the field after being injured.

迪涅还为国家队带来了良好的势头:在欧洲联赛的小组赛阶段,法国以2-1击败克罗地亚,迪涅击败了拜仁的卢卡斯,成为首发左后卫,并为皇家马德里出场付出了代价。冉·门迪(Ran Mendy)紧紧踢回去。在比赛中,迪涅送出助攻,而在拜仁当替补的卢卡斯只有在迪涅受伤后离开球场后才有机会上场。

Digne has also been selected for the French national team many times before, but as the "Marca" pointed out: his career in Paris and Barcelona was a failure. But this season, Digne has created 8 good opportunities in the Premier League (the data is up to the start of this round), second only to crazy crosses in every game among all defenders.


In addition to Digne, another natural rebirth due to the arrival of Anpan is today's popular fried chicken: Calvert Lewin (although according to the pronunciation, Lewin should be translated into Lu and therefore not Lewin). Lewin scored 6 goals in the Premier League this season, temporarily ranking first in the scorer list, and also completed the England national team debut.


"I'm just enjoying the game." Lewin couldn't hide his excitement. "Look at those opportunities. It's my job to score them. We have so many outstanding players who can score the ball from all positions on the court. It’s comfortable."

“我只是在享受比赛。”莱温无法掩饰自己的兴奋。 “看看那些机会。为他们得分是我的工作。我们有这么多杰出的球员,可以在场上的所有位置得分。这很舒服。”

In the previous coaching career, Ancelotti has always played the image of "suppressed" and "good old man". Not playing double striker in AC Milan will be criticized by Berlusconi. He was announced in public on the Chelsea bus. He left in Real Madrid. He was oppressed by De Laurentius in Naples...not to mention controlling the transfer, An Fatty I haven't even encountered a boss who is polite to him.

在以前的教练生涯中,安切洛蒂一直扮演着“被压抑”和“老头子”的形象。贝卢斯科尼会批评在AC米兰不打双前锋。他在切尔西大巴上公开宣布。他离开了皇家马德里。他在那不勒斯(Naples)被德·劳伦蒂乌斯(De Laurentius)压迫……更不用说控制转会了,我什至没有遇到过对他彬彬有礼的老板。

After arriving at Everton, owner Mosili respected An Fat very much. "The Times" broke the news as early as last year, saying that Ancelotti has always been Mosili’s dream, so when he saw An Pang leave Naples, Everton started to invite An Pang to the transfer right. Entrusted to him.

到达埃弗顿后,店主Mosili非常尊重An Fat。 《泰晤士报》早在去年就爆料说安切洛蒂一直是摩西里的梦想,所以当他看到安庞离开那不勒斯时,埃弗顿开始邀请安庞担任转会权。托付给他。

Everyone knows that Everton's midfield is poor, but how to fix it is really a big problem. In the past three seasons alone, they have successively introduced several midfielders such as Sigurdson, Krassen, Flasic, Andre Gomez, Gebaman and Delf.


The final result is also visible to the naked eye. Krassen and Flasic returned the goods early, Gabaman and Delf became medicine jars, Sigurdsson never met expectations, only Gomez performed well.


On the other hand, Ancelotti's three signings are all wonderful:


Ronaldo’s impact is the most obvious. He is second only to Sun Xingmin and Greerish in the whoscored Premier League player ratings, ranking third in the Premier League. An anonymous agent said: "Although the long-term effect of this transaction is unknown, at least for the moment, you have already seen his huge impact. When Ronaldo is healthy and motivated, he is not only a Premier League leader. A six-level player, he is world-class. Ronaldo has completely changed Everton and brought toffee a sublimation of temperament."


In a survey of "Which deal is the best deal of the season" for brokers, Everton has three deals in the top ten, namely Ronaldo, Alan and Godfrey-of course, brokers consider The value of the transaction may be mostly linked to the broker's intermediary fee, while the contract is only one year (Tiago) and the intermediary fee for free joining (J Luo) has always been very high.

在针对经纪人的“哪笔交易是本赛季最好的交易”的调查中,埃弗顿在前十名中有三笔交易,分别是罗纳尔多,艾伦和戈弗雷-当然,经纪人认为,交易的价值可能与经纪人的中介费,而合同只有一年(Tiago),而免费加入的中介费(J Luo)一直很高。

As early as the 17-18 season, Everton recruited before the start of the season and made a good start. At that time, many media were very optimistic about Everton's future, and they started to talk about it, including NetEase Sports, and even hit the title of "140 million pounds to create a flourishing sugar dynasty, break the big 6 of the Premier League and make the Champions League." As for the final result...emmm, the coach Koeman at the time dismissed get out of class in October 2017 (two months after the start of the season). The club prepared him the highest summer transfer budget in team history (140 million pounds). They all got rid of water.

早在17-18赛季,埃弗顿就在本赛季开始之前入伍并取得了良好yabo亚搏手机版app的开端。当时,许多媒体对埃弗顿的未来都非常乐观,他们开始谈论它,包括网易体育,甚至打出“ 1.4亿英镑打造蓬勃发展的糖王朝头衔,打破英超大六国”的称号。并建立冠军联赛。”至于最终结果... emmm,当时的教练科曼(Koeman)在2017年10月(赛季开始两个月后)被解雇。俱乐部为他准备了球队历史上最高的夏季转会预算(1.4亿英镑)。他们都摆脱了水。

The "Blue Glory" website also admitted that since Moyes left office, Koeman and Marco Silva have briefly given toffee fans hope, but they soon returned to mediocrity. Can Ancelotti break this vicious circle? Everton's shortcomings are still more obvious: defense. Right back Coleman is not as good as before after being seriously injured. Left back Digne has always attacked and defended weakly. Double-backs Keane and Mina are both tall and bulky. Pickford, who should have been reassuring, is gradually "Green"化".


In the last three consecutive Premier League victories, Everton conceded a total of 5 goals, opponents are still Brighton, West Brom and other downstream teams. Especially in the game against Brighton, Pickford made two consecutive mistakes and lost the ball. Even if he won, he was criticized by the British media after the game.


Throughout the coaching history of Fatty An, he has rarely been able to maintain a stable output for a long time in a team. The direct fuse of Chelsea, Real Madrid, and Naples is a poor record.

在Fatty An的整个教练历史上,他很少能在团队中长期保持稳定的表现。切尔西,皇马和那不勒斯的直接战绩不佳。

Moreover, the common "rough guy" style of the Premier League after all is deeply ingrained, as can be seen from Richard Leeson's unnecessarily bad shovel before the end. It is hard to believe that Ronaldo can play a complete season in such a fierce league.

而且,从理查德·李森(Richard Leeson)结束前不必要的坏铲中可以看出,英超联赛的普遍“粗野”风格毕竟根深蒂固。很难相信罗纳尔多可以在如此激烈的联赛中打满整个赛季。


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