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Tiger Fight, September 26 News Juventus will challenge Roma in the second round of the league. Coach Pirlo held a pre-match press conference today.


The following is the content of Pirlo's pre-match conference:


We prepared well this week, better than the previous week. The players gave me plenty of positive feedback. The rest is the technical and tactical aspects. We only focus on the stadium, whether it’s the University of Perugia or Suarez. The exam will not affect us.


When I stood on the court before, I knew what role I could play and how I should do it. Now the mood and goals are different. The players are the protagonists on the field. I rely on them and direct them, and I am naturally different emotionally.


I thought about it, but we don't have much time to practice. The center I need has just joined. When everyone is at their best, we will have time to practice these plans.


He has been working hard this week to resume training. Knowing that he has been injured and absent for nearly two months, I will make the final decision this afternoon (whether to recruit Dybala).


We don't need to talk about rotation after only a week. I will choose players based on the opponents and see who is more suitable to appear against Rome.


No, I don't think about that. I am focusing on the work in front of me. I was interested in that year, but that's it.


I know him very well. He is an important player of the team. We pursue Morata because of his technical characteristics. He can go deep into the penalty zone as a center, he has personal ability, and he is good at cooperating with his teammates. Morata is not a spare tire choice, his technical characteristics are exactly what we are looking for.


We talked to Pellegrini. I think it’s fairest to rent him out for another year. He deserves more playing time, but it may be difficult to stay at Juventus. From the perspective of the European Cup, he Also need more playing time to express yourself. Desilio? He is a usable player, just like last week.


All teams started from scratch and everyone has been reinforced. This will be an exciting season. Juve's nine consecutive championships will not be carried into the new season, so we have to start from the beginning.


We talked to Khedira, everyone is working together to find a solution that is best for him. In the next few days, we will weigh it carefully and find a solution that satisfies everyone.


That is the desire of these lads to win, even if they have won the league championship for nine consecutive years, they still work very hard. We have changed the training methods and increased the amount of training, but everyone still maintains a positive attitude towards training, which will be effective in the future. Serie A is not easy, you have to invest 100% at all times.


It was a very good week. He didn't play in Barcelona late game. It takes time to adjust his body and adapt to his tactics. He is now a usable player. We will see what happens tomorrow or the next few days.


The two of them are offensive players and can appear on the wing, but they should also be wingers. Bernardeschi has the characteristics of being competent at both ends of the offense and defense, while Costa is a pure winger. I don't think Bernardeschi is suitable for the midfielder position. I communicated with him before the start of the season and he agrees with this. I position him as an all-round player with excellent physical fitness. Formation? Will not change, we will make some adjustments according to the opponent, but the formation will not change.


Dzeko is a good player and we admired him a lot years ago. He might have joined Juventus, but the negotiation progress was not satisfactory, but Dzeko is still an excellent player that I respect very much. It is a pity that we will be in different camps tomorrow.


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