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To say who is the most popular NBA star this season, the author's first reaction: Jimmy Butler.


Nothing, hero!


Today, Butler used 35 points, 12 rebounds and 11 assists to help the team beat the Lakers led by James and tied the finals to 2 to 3.


He only rested for 48 seconds. Instigate, singled out, pick-and-roll, and counterpoint multiple positions, doing everything, omnipotent, and tough to the extreme. When lagging behind 96 to 99, the team was in desperation. It was him who withstood the pressure and carried the team on his shoulders.


The last win over the Lakers was when the series fell behind 0-2. It seems that the finals have no suspense and interest. The Heat are on top of the knife like fish and let the Lakers kill. The tough guy Butler was also the one who led the team to fight the next game. He played a game-high 45 minutes, scored 40 points, 11 rebounds and 13 assists in a large triple-double, 20 shots and 14 goals, not a 3-point shot, all with defensive mid-range shots and scoring. The storm.


He played like a team alone, and as the leader he also overturned a team.


The NBA has never lacked tough guys, such as "Kidney Change Fighter" Mourning, such as Kobe, who can "don't" even his little fingers, such as Iverson, who has been wounded all over but never retreats... Now, the "NBA History Tough Guys List" must be added. One-Butler who dared to pull the emperor off his horse.

NBA从来没有像“ Kidney Change Fighter” Mourning这样的硬汉,例如Kobe,即使他们的小手指也不能“受伤”艾弗森,艾弗森已经受伤了,但从未退缩。 ,则必须添加“ NBA历史硬汉名单”。一男管家敢于把皇帝从他的马上拉下来。

A last show, with a height of 198cm and a wingspan of just over 2 meters, he looks so mediocre in front of the monsters in the NBA. Compared with the tough guys of the predecessors, the talent index is not small. And these all highlight his "toughness."


This is exactly the answer to the famous saying that has been circulated in the NBA today-never underestimate the heart of a champion.


What makes Butler so hard? It may be his life. The growth process can be called a typical NBA star's ordeal. Most NBA teams are children from poor families, such as James, Durant, Antetokounmpo, Leonard and so on. But Butler was the most difficult and hardest person in their midlife.


Jimmy lacks the same talent as them, but he makes hard work a kind of his own talent, and through hard work, he stands on the same stage with them. When he was still in his infancy, his biological father ran away from home, wandering and living without a permanent home. Butler had fallen in one thousand and one ways, but he chose the most difficult path to successfully counter-attack life. Looking at his career, all started from the bench, from high school, college, to the NBA. He has never been the first person to attract attention, but he must be the one who strives to be remembered by people-self-discipline to almost self-abuse training, with a court attitude of no complaint, selflessness, and dedication all the time.

吉米缺乏与他们相同的才能,但是他使努力工作成为一种自己的才能,通过努力,他与他们处于同一阶段。当他还处于婴儿期时,他的亲生父亲逃离家乡,在没有永久居所的地yabo亚搏手机版app方流浪和生活。巴特勒跌倒了千一百一次,但他选择了最艰难的道路来成功反击生活。看看他的职业生涯,一切都从板凳开始,从高中,大学到NBA。他从来不是第一个引起注意的人,但他yabo亚搏手机版app必须是努力以人为自律的方式被几乎是自虐式训练的人记住的人,始终保持无怨无悔,无私奉献的奉献态度。 。

"I don't have the good talent given by God. I am not the strongest shooter, the strongest ball handler, the most athletic one, not the fastest one, but I can fight. I am the toughest and never Will shrink back, this is my talent. I am never afraid of anyone, no one can scare me. "This is Butler's evaluation of himself.


Perhaps it can be said that Butler is the best NBA role model after Kobe.


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